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You love Techno / Acid / Film Music / Sound Effects / Skulls / Skulls Skulls / Skulls Skulls Skulls / Experimental Music / Psychedelic Art / Dada / Santa Muerte / Zombies / Glitch / Noise / Trees / Pitbulls / 27 / UFOs / SciFi & Horror Movies / Scary Fairytales?


Dada is the glue bonding the universe.

Surrealism courses through the veins as our life's elixir.

Pop Art pulses in our hearts, the rhythm of the exciting everyday.

Noise, the symphony of chaos, fuels our humor and love.

the store is slowly being built up.
there is news several times a week.
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  • Liquid Sky d-vices

    pre oder the first

    Liquid Sky d-vices eurorack modules here!

    Liquid Sky d-vices 
  • Error Instruments

    brandnew at Liquid Sky Europe


    Error Error Error 
  • Hoodies / T Shirts merch

    D-SIgns from Liquid Sky Europe / 27 / Monte de Salvada / Rotten Cat...

    Hoodies & T Shirts 
  • Acid / Psychedelic Art / Djungle Fever

    "Djungle Fever"- founded in 1993 by Dr Walker
    since then home of all kinds of acid art and brain FKK noise

  • Erica Synths

    specials / bundles / limited editions



    Erica Synths 
  • Skulls Skulls Skulls

    well..... you know....
    Santa Muerte / Skull Art

    Skulls Skulls Skulls 
  • Dada / Collage Art / Bauhaus / Noise

    dada is the glue that holds this universe together!

  • UFOs / Monsters / SciFi / Horror

    coming soon

    for now we link to

    on bloody paths 
  • 27

    all around the magic number



Random Stuff

On Bloody Paths

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