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liquid sky d-vices - GLITHc non destructive circuit bending board & midi for V4CO

liquid sky d-vices - GLITHc non destructive circuit bending board & midi for V4CO

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attention, GLITHc only works with the V4CO bad ass 8bit wavetable oscillator with subbass plus overdrive plus vca
GLITHc turns the V4CO into an experimental glitch lab, crazy modulation source, adds midi to the V4CO  and offers non destructive circuit bending functionality

The GLITHc is part of the Liquid Sky d-vices UFO SYSTEM

REAL circuit bending (you actually manipulate the internal routing - of course non destructive)
Bit-manipulation of
— individual bits for Wave and Bank select
— individual bits of actual wavetable
4 Logic functions: AND/OR/NAND/NOR
3 micro non consecutive sequencer for
BANK/WAVE Sequencing
manipulating Wavetables
MIDI + 3 Thru (midi in is exclusively for the V4CO)

The V4CO is designed by analog synth wizard Matthias Beese (MMS) and remixed by Thilo Goldschmitz (Liquid Sky artistcollective).

GLITHc is designed by Thilo Goldschmitz

Why Liquid Sky d-vices?

We create exclusive instruments / effects / modules — made in Europe — for a niche audience, including sound designers, film music composers, modern electronic music performers, universities, sound labs, experimental techno / ambient / noise aficionados, 8-bit enthusiasts, and surround sound studios.

The UFO system will continue to expand, evolving into a unique modular synthesizer system unparalleled in sound, performance functionality, and design aesthetics. 

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