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liquid sky d-vices V4CO dual 8bit wavetable oscillator with subbass, overdrive and 4 vca s

liquid sky d-vices V4CO dual 8bit wavetable oscillator with subbass, overdrive and 4 vca s

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V4CO is a bad ass unique dual 8bit wavetable oscillator plus subbass plus overdrive plus 4 x vca

so its basically 3 modules in one eurorack module.

this is your chance to grab 1 of 100 units of the limited introduction edition for a price of 599 euro plus vat plus shipping

for each sold V4CO module we will plant 3 oak trees in the Liquid Sky forestation in South Alentejo

by the way: Adventure Kid, one of our wavetable designers,
waives his payment so we are able to buy for each sold V4CO one more 5 years old oak.

The V4CO is designed by analog synth wizard Matthias Beese (MMS / Liquid Sky artistcollective) and remixed by Thilo Goldschmitz (Liquid Sky artistcollective).

The V4CO is part of the Liquid Sky d-vices UFO SYSTEM

Why Liquid Sky d-vices?

We create exclusive instruments / effects / modules — made in Europe — for a niche audience, including sound designers, film music composers, modern electronic music performers, universities, sound labs, experimental techno / ambient / noise aficionados, 8-bit enthusiasts, and surround sound studios.

The UFO system will continue to expand, evolving into a unique modular synthesizer system unparalleled in sound, performance functionality, and design aesthetics. 

Liquid Sky d-vices "V4CO"

dual 8 bit wavetable oscillator, each with separate subbass
- hard sync
- 16 x 16 Waveforms x 4 - different for each OSC
- Each module has a base (16 x 6) set and an unique set (16 x 10) of waveforms
- Single outputs for each OSC / SUBOSC and mix output (w/o SUBOSC)
- Analog VCA for each oscillator
- Analog overdrive controllable via VCA
- Audio / LFO Mode for each OSC
- Waveform shuffle
- REAL 8 BIT Sound 
- Detuning Function
- 8 Oktaven
- incl. Quantizer (Chromatic)
- complex Waveform-LFO

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